Padma’s Plantation to return to High Point show this April.

Posted on March 20, 2017

CHICAGO, IL  March_13_2017  Padma’s Plantation will be returning to the High Point Market this

April.  They will be showing at SALON, at the Suites of Market Square:  SAMS G 7048 Salon


Recently, Padma's Plantation has taken a break from shows to focus on other types of marketing.  “We feel that we need to go back to market now that our offering has grown and changed dramatically” states Renee Maria Fanjon, Director of Marketing for Padma’s Plantation.  Among the introductions that will be shown are Reclaimed Teak wood and Metal dining tables for indoor and outdoors, as well as fresh dining chairs and trend forward club chairs.

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Sustainability and Reclaimed Wood

Posted on October 25, 2016

Sustainability is the idea of using materials found in nature in a way that is less or least harmful to the environment. It’s a balance of limiting any possible damages through the use of ecologically safe practice to secure the future of the environment around us while manufacturing a product. Being “green” refers to those of us who focus their efforts on producing such a product – with this global awareness at the forefront of their production.

Here at Padma’s Plantation we take that effort very seriously.  Truth is, most of our items are sustainable in some way or another.  When we first started our business, all our products were produced with Sustainable natural materials such as Rattan, Abaca, Sea-grass, Bamboo and Water Hyacinth.  As we grew into case goods, we focused mostly in Reclaimed woods.

Reclaimed wood was a natural fit for us.  Not only because it is Eco-Friendly but also for its Texture and Feel:  Less refined, more Lived-in and definitely more Unique.  When you buy one of our Reclaimed wood Designs you know it won’t be exactly as the next:  it can’t be—the wood probably came from different houses, farms or old buildings.

There are many different ways that Reclaimed wood is Eco-friendly and sustainable.  The most obvious of all is that it is Recycled wood.  All over the world, Old homes are being demolished and replaced with newer ones.  Using the wood from those old homes prevents the wood from ending in a landfill. At the same time, if you are using reclaimed wood, you are not causing the destruction of precious ecosystems or exerting pressure for overharvesting of new wood resources.

Another way that our Reclaimed wood is Eco-Friendly is that we source all the materials locally - where they are being manufactured.  Doing this dramatically reduces our Carbon Footprint by preventing us having to transport the raw materials for  long distances.  A carbon footprint is defined as: The total amount of greenhouse gases produced to directly and indirectly support human activities, usually expressed in equivalent tons of carbon dioxide.

When you buy a Reclaimed wood item, you are getting a little bit of history plus a lot of character, uniqueness while doing your part for the environment.  You should feel good about it!  

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It's not easy being green.

Posted on December 07, 2014

In Padma's Plantation's words- what is sustainability and being "green"?

Sustainability is the idea of using materials found in nature in a way that is less or least harmful to the environment. It's a balance of limiting any possible damages through the use of ecologically safe practices to secure the future of the environment around us while manufacturing a product. Being "green" refers to those like us who focus their efforts on producing such a product- with this global awareness at the forefront of their production.


When did Padma's Plantation first become aware of the concept of sustainability?

While visiting Indonesia during a design trip, we were taught and shown exactly how fast bamboo and rattan grows and replenishes itself. In fact, maintaining these materials, by cutting them down, promotes fantastic re-growth. We learned that the products we chose to work with for their beauty also served a much more significant purpose- the preservation of our ecosystems. With that knowledge, we realized the importance of continuing to work these resources, such as bamboo and abaca, to create our furniture and accessories.


Why is Padma's Plantation interested in sustainability?

Plain and simply put, it is healthier for our environment. As the world population continues to grow and industry builds, we are being depleted of our natural resources, which greatly impacts ecological support systems. Every person's contribution to sustaining the environment will benefit the world in the long run. We want these support systems to be around for future generations to use- it is our responsibility to make sure this will happen. Striving to always find better and eco-friendly ways of making our furniture and accessories, aligning ourselves with the concept of sustainability was the natural choice.


What does Padma's Plantation do to promote sustainability in the design of its products?

First and foremost, we work with manufacturers who share the same compassion for global awareness that we do. We focus on using sustainable materials such as bamboo, abaca, rattan and plantation grown and government certified hardwoods in production. Through regular visits to our manufacturers, constant contact, and through the use of 3rd party quality inspectors, we are able to review practices and methods in the development of our product. We also make strong efforts to package our items in a way that maximizes space usage on containers ultimately reducing the amount of transporting that needs to take place. We promise to not only be exceptional in our design, but responsible in our design.


How is Padma's Plantation getting the word out about the importance of being "green" in today's world?

Padma's Plantation is excited and proud to announce that we are a founding member of the Sustainable Furniture Council. The SFC stands for and strives for continuous improvement in corporate and industry practices that progressively move towards sustainability. By affiliating ourselves with the SFC, in this public forum, we are able to feature our affiliation in marketing and increase public awareness of global conservation as well as what the SFC is and how we all can help to make this world healthier place. We are pleased to offer the following position on sustainability- "Padma's Plantation is passionately committed to designing furniture that is not only inspired by nature's beauty, but more importantly, respects it. We continually strive to create unique products using sustainable materials, such as rattan and bamboo, along with ecologically safe practices, with the hopes of keeping this world safe and as beautiful as the furniture we design."

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