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Today, we feature our customer/partner store Liam & Lana in Woodstock, GA


Father-Daughter Duo Transforming Business with Global Inspiration

Bill Grace, a Woodstock local and proprietor of Southern Sky Home, along with his daughter Sarah, envisaged a novel store concept. This concept aimed to enhance their existing furniture store's offerings, infusing it with a global touch and an emphasis on unique, sustainable products. Their shared passions for global exploration, interior design, dogs, and eco-awareness laid the foundation for this innovative idea. Thus, the store Liam & Lana was born.


New Family Additions Sparking New Business Directions

The arrival of Liam, Bill's first grandchild and Sarah's nephew, along with Lana, Bill's Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, ignited fresh inspiration for their brand. These new family members symbolize their commitment to future generations and reflect the family and pet-friendly nature of their product range. Their collection, featuring liveable modern upholstery ('comfort') and distinctive artisanal items from across the globe ('curiosities'), Liam & Lana offers a unique blend of casual and comfortable products that add authentic character to any home.


Global Journeys Leading to a Unified Vision

Bill's extensive travels to India and other countries as a merchant over the years sparked the initial inspiration for their brand and product line. He believed his connections and discoveries held a broader significance. In 2022, Sarah's first trip to India with him brought her closer to the culture, colors, textiles, and history of the region. This joint expedition became the driving force behind the creation of an exclusive collection for Liam & Lana, merging their experiences and visions into a cohesive and unique product range.


Liam & Lana (Retail Store)
775 Dobbs Rd.
Woodstock, GA 30188
Phone (470)648-9125

  • Jan 29, 2024
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