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98.5” W x 39.3” D x 30.75” H




This striking dining table will set the aesthetic tone of your patio area, creating a modern and inviting look.  The mixed elements of the warm reclaimed teak top founded on two dark metal sled legs work beautifully together.  All of the unique markings, crevasses, fractures and color variations demonstrate the rich history this wood has. Having stood the test of time and weathered many storms, this wood has proven its durability.   Seats up to 8 people comfortably.

  • Dramatic dark sled metal legs
  • Eco-friendly Reclaimed Teak top

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The Outdoor Vittoria Reclaimed Teak Dining Table: An Ode to Modern Elegance and Timeless Durability


The heart of an outdoor space is often found in the moments shared around a dining table - where laughter mingles with the clinking of glasses and the savory scent of grilled delicacies. Elevating these moments with both style and strength, our Vittoria Outdoor Dining Table emerges as a statement piece that encapsulates modern aesthetics while celebrating the time-honored resilience of reclaimed teak. Here's a glimpse into how this stunning table can redefine the patio experience for those who value design and durability in equal measure.


The Modern Meets Rustic Appeal: 

Nestled on your patio, the Vittoria dining table stands as a testament to contemporary design trends. The warmth of the reclaimed teak top is not just a surface; it's a mosaic of stories, with each unique marking, crevasse, fracture, and hue variation unfolding a rich history. These are not imperfections but marks of character - a distinguished patina that only time can craft.


Contrasting this warmth is the sleek, powder-coated metal legs that fan out in a spider-like fashion, their stark and elegant geometry providing a modern counterbalance to the organic top. This blend of textures and materials captures the eye, making the Vittoria a focal point that invites conversation and admiration.


Durability That Withstands the Elements: 

Outdoor furniture faces the unyielding demands of nature, and the Vittoria table rises to the occasion with grace. The reclaimed teak has lived past lives, perhaps as part of structures or ships, and through its journey, it has acquired a resilience to the elements. It has witnessed countless sunsets and stood steadfast against storms, ensuring that it will not just endure but mature beautifully with your outdoor space.


The powder-coated metal legs share this robustness, providing a sturdy foundation resistant to rust and wear. This combination ensures that the Vittoria table remains a lasting fixture in your patio setting, requiring minimal maintenance for a maximum return of beauty and utility.


An Invitation to Gather: 

At its core, the Vittoria dining table is an invitation - to gather, to dine, to enjoy. Designed to seat up to eight guests comfortably, and ten snugly, it effortlessly becomes the center of family feasts, casual brunches, or elegant evening soirees. The ample space allows for freedom of movement, ensuring that gatherings are marked by comfort and ease.


Your Outdoor Styling Companion:

Beyond functionality, the Vittoria dining table serves as an anchor for your outdoor decor. It pairs seamlessly with a variety of chair styles - be they sleek metal to match the legs, wicker for a bohemian touch, or cushioned armchairs for added comfort. Dress it up with a linen runner, an array of candles, or a bouquet of wildflowers for a rustic charm. The possibilities are as limitless as the sky above it.


The Vittoria Outdoor Dining Table is more than a piece of furniture. It's a celebration of what it means to blend the old with the new, to weather life's storms with grace, and to create spaces that welcome the stories yet to be told. As you set your table for the next outdoor occasion, remember that with Chiara, you're not just setting a table; you're setting the stage for memories that, like the reclaimed teak it's crafted from, will stand the test of time.




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110.75” W x 50.15” D x 30.5” H